Bespoke Wedding and Special Occasion Cakes

Happy Tiers Yorkshire

Special Occasions 

Unless otherwise arranged, my cakes are created as follows:

Fruit cakes all have an almond paste and sugarpaste icing covering.

Plain sponge cakes have a buttercream and strawberry or raspberry conserve filling with a covering of white sugarpaste icing.

Lemon sponges have a lemon buttercream and lemon curd filling with a covering of white sugarpaste icing.

Chocolate cakes have a chocolate buttercream filling with a covering of either white or chocolate sugarpaste. A complementary orange flavour can be added to both the cake and filling if desired.

Other flavours are available: Orange, caramel, coffee, biscoffe.

All cakes are presented on drum cake boards and enhanced with double faced satin ribbon in a colour to complement the decorations.

I provide boxes to ensure your cake reaches its destination safely and the delicate sugar flowers are not damaged during transportation.

Prices of bespoke celebration cakes vary depending upon the complexity of the decoration chosen. As a guide for you prices start at £40 for a sponge cake and £50 for a fruit cake. This includes icing plus simple hand crafted sugar decoration and lettering. More complex decorations such as wired sugar flower sprays and posies and intricate hand crafted sugar models will increase the price.