Bespoke Wedding and Special Occasion Cakes

Happy Tiers Yorkshire

Sue from York: I just wanted to let you know that the cake was absolutely beautiful and delicious. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who ate it and many people commented on how fantastic it looked on the outside as well. Charan, Rohan and I just wanted to personally 'Thank you for making the day so special with such a wonderful cake. It literally was the icing on the cake. Thank you once again and we will definitely be asking you in the future to make a cake for us. Sept 2021)

Christine from Nottingham: Thank you so much. The cake looks really nice - clever you remembering all those sweet peas we picked and then arranged in baskets 50 years ago! (August 2021)

Karen from York: The cake was delicious thank you Bev - Lewis loved it too - it's nearly all gone! (August 2021)

Julie from Wakefield: Just a massive thank you for such a beautiful cake. Our daughter Jo was absolutely delighted with it. What a talent you have! Thank you again. (August 2021)

Marie from Leeds: Thank you for the cake, it is truly stunning. Everyone was captivated as they had never seen a cake like it, so thank you again. (July 2021)

Amanda from York: The cake was amazing. He loved it. Thank you so much. (June 2021)

Gemma from York: Thank you so much for Archie's cake. I don't know how you do it I really don't it was just so perfect and everyone commented on it. As expected it was Archie's favourite thing. Thanks again. (June 2021)

Paula from York: ​Thank you so much for Olivia's cake - it's so beautiful. She loves it. (May 2021)

Jayne from Sheffield: The cake was a hit with the Birthday boy! It tasted as good as it looked. Thank you very much. (May 2021)

Jane from York: Both beautiful and delicious. My Mum loved it. Thank you so much Bev you are very talented. Everyone kept saying they couldn't believe the flowers weren't real. (May 2021)

Liam from York: Thank you so much! Really loved the decorations and the chocolate cake was lovely as well! (April 2021)

Heather from York: ​The cake is amazing thank you! (April 2021)

Vicki from Leeds: Enjoyed it, I loved it! Thank you!! (April 2021)

Alicia from York: ​Thank you so much for the cake, I absolutely loved it!! You are so talented. (April 2021)

Ruth from York: The cake was a smash hit. Ed loved it! It was delicious too! ( April 2021)

Sarah from York: Bev, the cake is absolutely amazing!! Gaz was 'bowled' over by it. So perfect for him and it looks so gorgeous. (March 2021)

Ronnie from York: ​I knew you had brought me a cake but I wasn't prepared for what I saw when I opened the box! I thought you had placed a book on top of a cake - it was only when i touched the 'book' that I realised what you had done. Quite a few people have already seen your handiwork and all say the same: It's too good to spoil!! (March 2021)

Brendah from York: ​Thank you so much Bev! The cake is so yummy and beautiful. (March 2021)

Brendah from York: ​Thank you so much for the gorgeous cake. We really enjoyed it - so yummy! (February 2021)

Helen from Leeds: Willow LOVES her cake! She can't stop looking at it!!! Thank you so much Bev (February 2021)

Sue from York: ​Thank you so much. It is a stunning cake and tastes fab too. (February 2021)

Josephine from York: The cake was absolutely beautiful Bev. everything about it was perfect. (February 2021)

Leanne from York: ​Huge thank you to Happy Tiers Yorkshire for my birthday cupcakes that were ordered as a surprise for my 30th!! They tasted phenomenal with their hidden jammy centre and finished off with perfect flowers. (February 2021)

Kelly from York: ​Martin loves his cake. Thank you so much! (February 2021)

Rachel from York: STUNNING!!!!! (February 2021)

Heather from York: ​Thank you so much, Henry's cake is amazing!! You are very talented! (January 2021)

Kate from Stamford Bridge: Thank you Bev, the cupcakes looked amazing and tasted even better! (January 2021)

Laura from Leeds: My favourite to date. I love it. You've captured my little family so perfectly. Thank you. (January 2021)

Brendah from York: Omg Bev! The cake is delicious. Thank you so much. Am having seconds even if I shall regret my calories tomorrow! Nylah has had a fantastic day all thanks to you. (December 2020)

Olivia from Stamford Bridge: Thank you so much for the cake. It was beautiful and Grace loved it. (November 2020)

Diane from Stamford Bridge: My little girl loved the penguin cake. Four yummy layers of chocolate. Big thank you to Bev Barritt @Happy Tiers Yorkshire. (November 2020)

Emma from Appleton Roebuck: ​Thank you again Bev. Winnie loved it so much. It was beautiful! Exactly the same deliciousness as our Wedding cake 6 years ago! (November 2020)

Gemma from Stamford Bridge:  Thank you Bev for the most wonderful cake for M. All her favourites and sensory friendly. Thank you for taking so much time to talk to me about it. She has been staring at it in wonder for quite some time .... (November 2020)

Stephanie from York: He loved the cake and it was so yummy too. Thank you so much! (November 2020)

Vicky from Leeds: Another amazing cake! So impressive and Sofia absolutely loved it! Thank you Bev. (October 2020)

Dawn from Stamford Bridge: ​Thank you so much for the cakes, they are amazing ........ you are very clever.  My Dad thought his was fantastic and it tasted great too. Megan thought hers was fantastic and her uni flat have all enjoyed eating it! (October 2020)

Stacey from Stamford Bridge: 'The cake was so delicious and 'Baba' was sooo happy with it. Thank you so so much'. (October 2020)

Zoe from Fangfoss: The cake was perfect and absolutely delicious! Thank you so much! (September 2020)

Lina from Market Weighton: Loved the cake and birthday party was a big hit. (September 2020)

Jane from Appleton Roebuck: My Mum adored the cake, Bev. Thank you so much xxx (August 2020)

Jenny from Appleton Roebuck: ​Dom loved his cake and it tasted fantastic too. Thank you for going along with a slightly bonkers idea!!! (August 2020)

Josephine from York: Just to let you know everybody LOVED your cake today, it was a huge success! Thank you so much, you are so talented! (August 2020)

Abbi from York: I just wanted to send you a little note to say thank you for the gorgeous cupcakes. They really were very special and as always delicious. (August 2020)

Tracey from York: ​Bev, the cake and the cupcakes were lovely. Tom loved the windsurfer. Thank you so much. (August 2020)

Mel from York: The cake is fantastic and it tastes incredible. Thank you! (August 2020)

Paula from York: ​Another fantastic cake made by Bev (July 2020)

Sammie from York: Absolutely in love with this incredible cake made by Bev Barritt at Happy Tiers Yorkshire! Thank you Bev, it's everything and more that we wished for! I can confirm it tastes incredible too! It'll be a fantastic first birthday to look back on. Thank you so much Bev! (July 2020)

Helen from Leeds: ​Thanks once again for making such a beautiful cake for Fliss's special day. It went down a storm and the cake inside was simply delicious. (June 2020)

Paula from York:​ Livvy's cake is wonderful! (May 2020)

Paula from York: ​My cake is amazing. You're so good. Thank you so much. (May 2020)

Kate from York: Thank you so much Bev! What a beautiful cake and it tastes gorgeous. (April 2020)

Sabrina from York: Thank you Bev for making such a fabulous Birthday cake for Richard. He loved it! (March 2020)

Hannah from York: Thank you Bev for the amazing cake. You are so incredibly talented. Stanley had a good bark at himself!!! (March 2020)

Helen from York: Everyone loved the cake thank you - Almost gone now! (January 2020)

Mary from York: Just a quick message to thank you for the wonderful cake you made and decorated for Bill and Nancy's recent Anniversary. They loved it and it has been much admired. Many thanks again. (January 2020) 

Amie from York: ​Yet again, thank you Bev for such a perfect cake! It not only looked amazing, it tasted delicious too!! (January 2020)

Carol from York: Thank you for creating my wonderful 70th Birthday cake. I loved it and it was much admired (and enjoyed!) at my party last night. It was lovely: You are very talented. (December 2019)

Angela from York: I LOVE the cake!! It's exactly what I had in mind and I know my Mum is going to love it too ! - I can't wait to see her face! Thank you so much Bev! (December 2019)

Sally from York: Gorgeous cake - you are very talented and it tastes as good as it looks! (December 2019)

Angharad from York: Thank you Bev, we loved it! (December 2019)

Sarah from Leeds: As always such a wonderful cake Bev! Three years of cakes from you and many more to come we hope! Thank you again she LOVED it! (November 2019)

Sarah from York: Thank you so so much. I absolutely adore my cake and it is ABSOLUTELY delicious. (November 2019)

Jane from York: Thank you so much Bev, the cake was amazing!! (November 2019)

Stephanie from York: The cake was amazing as always. He loved it! Thank you so much. (November 2019)

Stephanie from Barlby: Thank you Bev!! The cake looked fabulous and was delicious!! Just what I wanted. (November 2019)

Jason from Huddersfield: The cake was really well received and delicious! (November 2019)

Vicky from York: Thank you so much!! The cake was amazing as always!! (November 2019)

Hannah from York: Thank you so so much for making this beautiful cake. Molly had a lovely day and everyone commented on how amazing the cake was. It tasted delicious too! You're very clever! (October 2019)

Alison from Leeds: We loved the cake Bev. Phoebe and her friends were amazed and delighted by the design. Thank you again. (October 2019)

Amanda from York: Thank you so much - we all loved the cake. (October 2019)

Erin from York: Thank you so much Bev. My Dad absolutely loved his cake. (September 2019)

Lauren from Lincolnshire: My little boys Christening cake was the perfect centre piece for his party Thank you! (September 2019)

Lorna from York: The cake was perfect, everyone loved it and it really added to our special occasion. We had a lovely party and my parents took their cake home and shared it with their friends and neighbours helping them to celebrate their great achievement. They have had a great celebration, including a card from Elizabeth 11 which they are very proud of. As always, you did a fantastic job and I really appreciate your creativity and the love for the cakes you make. Thank you so much. (August 2019)

Abbi from York: I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the gorgeous cupcakes. They are so beautiful! They look too beautiful to eat (although I'm sure we'll manage!) You are so talented. (August 2019)

Sophie from York: Thank you so much. Everyone loves the cake and it tastes great too! (August 2019)

Gill from Leeds: David and Viv loved your cake. Viv cried at how beautiful it was! Thank you so much. (July 2019)

Sharon from York: The cake was gorgeous thank you! Got lots of compliments too. The little ones didn't believe the shells were icing, they thought they were real. Thank you again. (July 2019)

Melanie from Australia: ​Than you so much for the cake Beverley. Everyone loved it and my parents were delighted. You are very talented. (July 2019)

Sarah from York: The cake was absolutely awesome Bev, thank you so much. (July 2019)

Maggie from York: An absolutely brilliant cake - it was perfect in every way! Thank you so much! (July 2019)

Stephanie from York: Thank you so much! He loved it! (July 2019)

Frances from York: Thank you! A great cake and tasted delicious! Some came home and the rest went to London! (July 2019)

Claire from York: ​Thank you for making the cake. There were such lovely comments about it yesterday - and most importantly it was yummy! (July 2019)

Sue from York: Beautiful to look at and just delicious to taste. Thank you so much Bev - It's just perfect!! (June 2019)

Paula from York: Olivia loved the cake. Thank you so much. (May 2019)

Angharad from York: Thank you for another lovely cake. We had a great day! (May 2019)

Lesley from York: ​Thank you again for for an amazing cake. (May 2019)

Katie from York: Wow!! Thank you so much it's beyond perfect!!! We can't thank you enough the cake was perfect in every way and exactly what we wanted!! And it tasted amazing! (May 2019)

Betty from Scarborough: ​I need to express my joy on seeing the cake you made for my twin sister and my 80th Birthday. You captured us as toddlers perfectly - brought tears to our eyes. Together with the photo Niall and Lorna provided, your cake was the 'STAR' at our party. Many thanks. (April 2019)

Lorna from York: Just wanted to say thank you for the cake. Everyone thought it was amazing. I positioned the cake beneath an enlargement of the photo that I sent to you and the family thought that was brilliant. It tasted fantastic too. Betty and Beryl wanted me to pass on their thanks, they were in tears when they saw it and loved it. (April 2019)

Joanne from Skipton: How do we say THANKS enough? The cake was not only amazing - it was also delicious! The plane is now in pride of place! (April 2019)

Rachel from York: Thank you so much for the cake, it is to die for taste wise and just so beautiful. You are very talented. (April 2019)

Ulrike from Nottingham: Thank you so much for the fabulous fabulous cake. (April 2019)

Claire from Stamford Bridge: Thanks Bev. Everyone commented how lovely the cake was. Great day had by all. Even the girls had a tiny bit of cake. (Feb 2019)

Laura from Cheltenham: I loved my cake - thank you so much. I had a fabulous birthday and thank you for the important part you played in it. (Feb 2019)

Ruth from Leeds: ​The cake was beautiful!! Thank you so much. (Feb 2019)

Sabrina from York: The Elvis cake is fab!!! Thanks Bev for such a fabulous cake for my Mother in Law's Birthday. She loved it! (Jan 2019)

Alex from York: ​I love it!!!! (Jan 2019)

Laura from Leeds: I loved it! Thank you! (Jan 2019)

Adrienne from York: The most amazing cake. Had so many compliments on it ..... and it tasted great too! Thank you Bev! (Jan 2019)

Yvonne from Stamford Bridge: Bev they loved the cake as we all did. You are so very clever! (Dec 2018)

Angela from York: Thank you so much for making Emily's cake. She loved it! And it was admired by all the guests at the today's party! It tasted great too You really are very talented Bev. Thank you! (Dec 2018)

Rachel from Leeds: ​Adore it - thank you so much! (Dec 2018)

Linda from Halifax: ​It is an amazing cake Bev. You did it just as I wanted. Both Tony and I are over the moon with it. Thank you again. (Nov 2018)

Vicky from York: Thank you so much Bev! Had so many compliments and Sofia loves her cake! Thank you again, you're the best. (Nov 2018)

Dave from York: The cake was fantastic. Thanks for your wonderful work. (Nov 2018)

Yvonne from Stamford Bridge: Bev you are amazing. We had a fabulous time celebrating and my Mum absolutely loved her cake. (Nov 2018)

Sarah from Stamford Bridge: The cake looked lovely and tasted gorgeous. (Nov 2018)

Stephanie from York: Thank you so much! Bennett loved his cake. (Nov 2018)

Sarah from Ulleskelf: Martha loved it! Thank you again so much! (Nov 2018)

Helen from Selby: Bev our cake was just beautiful. We were delighted with what you produced you talented lady The flowers were perfect. (Oct 2018)

Kate from York: Thank you so much for our cake.. It was beautiful. (Oct 2018)

Norma from Malton: Wow!! Amazing!! (Oct 2018)

Sue from York: The cake was perfect for Mike and he loved it!! Tasted delicious too!!! Thank you Bev. (Oct 2018)

Joanne from America: Amazing cake and priceless sugar work. Thanks Bev I loved it!!' (Oct 2018)

Alison from Wetherby: We had a fabulous day, made better by arriving at our reception to find this totally amazing and beautiful cake waiting for us. And it tasted as fantastic as it looks. Thank you so much' (Sept 2018)

Amy from York: 'Everyone loved Isla's cake today, thank you so much Bev! It was a shame to cut into it - but it tasted delicious!' Brilliant cake as always. Thanks again' (Sept 2018)

Rachel from Ulleskelf: 'Your cakes are absolutely amazing! Thank you again' (Sept 2018)

Amie from York: 'Fab cake - thanks Bev! We certainly have been enjoying the cake!!' (Sept 2018)

Sheila from York: 'Thank you Bev for making such a lovely cake - especially at such short notice! They were so surprised and really appreciative of all the thought, time and effort you put into it. You are a star!' (August 2018)

Denise from York: 'The lads loved the cakes and were sooo chuffed that the quads were done differently, so thanks again'. (August 2018)

Karen from Wetherby: 'Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for Lewis' cake. It's absolutely beautiful! Thanks again'. (August 2018)

Sabrina from York: 'We had an amazing day and our Wedding cake was so so beautiful. Thank you so much!' (August 2018)

Jane from York: 'The cake was fabulous. Mike was very surprised and loved the detail!' (July 2018)

Gill from Leeds: ' A fabulous birthday weekend and your cake was the star of the show! Everyone commented on it and thought your talents are amazing!! Thank you so much, it was absolutely perfect'. (July 2018)

Nicki from Scotland: 'Isaac loved it!! Thanks so much Bev. It was delicious and looked fab'. (July 2018)

Helen from York: 'Absolutely gorgeous cake. Thank you so much' (July 2018)

Alys from Wakefield: ​"Our Wedding cake was beautiful! Thank you so much Bev - It was perfect!" (July 2018)

Maddie from York: " Can't thank you enough, AGAIN! She was absolutely in love with it!" (June 2018)

Amie from York: "IT WAS AMAZING!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It was absolutely stunning, better than I could have ever imagined. (June 2018)

Tina from York: "Thank you for the lovely cake. IT's amazing!"Type your paragraph here. (June 2018)

Sandra from York: Thank you for the lovely cake for my daughter's 50th Birthday, Tracey loved it, you are so clever". (June 2018)

Gill from Leeds: "An amazing evening, your cake was centre stage and everyone was blown away by it, my friends just couldn't believe you had made all the models too". ((June 2018)

Lorna from York: "A heartfelt thank you for my Dad's 80th birthday cake. It went down a storm. Dad loved it and the family roared with laughter at the model of him sitting in a deck chair and at his tool box. It looked and tasted amazing. You really helped to make his birthday. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed it and I used it as a focal point for saying a few words about him and his life" (May 2018)

Jo from York: Thank you for making my lovely cake. It looks and tastes amazing!". (May 2018)

Julie from York: "Thank you for such a beautiful cake". (April 2018)

Sarah from York: "Alfie loved his cake. Thank you!". (April 2018)

Laura: "Thank you so much for Jessica's Christening cake. It was everything I imagined and wished for!!" (April 2018)

Mark from Leeds: "Your cake was much admired and a fitting centrepiece. Thanks again for all your efforts". (April 2018)

Jenny from York: "Thank you so much! The cake was amazing!" (March 2018)

Becky from Leeds: "Thank you so much for this amazing cake!! We didn't want to cut into it as it looked so good but glad we did as it was scrummy!!" (March 2018)

Emily from Leeds: "Thank you again for the gorgeous cake! Everyone complimented the cake and it tasted delicious". (March 2018)

Jane from York: "Thank you so much Bev. It was admired by everyone and Tom loved it! (March 2018)

Sabrina from York: ​"Thank you so much Bev for making this gorgeous cake for my fiance and it tasted delicious too". (March 2018)

Heather from York: It was a beautiful cake Bev. WE had a fantastic time. Thank you once again". (Feb 2018)

Helen from York: Thanks for the wonderful cake. It took pride of place". (Feb 2018)

Erin from York: "Thank you so much Bev for the most incredible cake. It was absolutely perfect and tasted fantastic. My Mum absolutely loved it". (Jan 2018)

Cayte from York: Bev, lots of compliments for your cake, iy looked wonderful. Thank you so much",(Jan 2018)

Luan from York: The cake was amazing. Chloe loved it! Thank you very much. (Jan 2018)

Tim from Nottingham: " Thank you for the lovely cake Bev. It looked amazing for the Christening and tasted really nice." (Jan 2018)

Amanda from Pontefract: "Thank you so much for this and the taste of cake - wow - best fruit cake with icing we ever had!"(Dec 2017)

Rach from Leeds: "Our Wedding cake looked fabulous and tasted even better!" (Dec 2017)

Louise from York: Thank you so much!" (Dec 2017)

Steph from Leeds: "Thank you for our absolutely amazing Wedding cake! I was gutted to cut into it - it was so beautiful! Everyone enjoyed it so much You're so talented! (Dec 2017)

Sarah from York: "Thank you Bev. Dad's face said everything - he couldn't believe his eyes! It was wonderful! (Nov 2017)

Wendy from York: "It's been a fabulous day and the cake was the centre of attention. He was so happy - I can'y thank you enough. (Nov 2017)

Sarah from York: "Thank you again for this cake! It was amazing. Martha and all her party guesta loved it! We cant bear to eat the lovely animals though! Thank you Bev!" (Nov 2017)

Stephanie from York: "Thank you so much for the cake. It was as tasty as it was gorgeous!" (Nov 2017)

Viccy from Leeds: " Thank you so much Bev, the cake is amazing. We're so pleased we've found you as our last lady we used retired so we will definitely be coming back to you for the next one!" (Nov 2017)