Happy Tiers Yorkshire

Bespoke Wedding and Special Occasion Cakes


Each cake I create is bespoke and made to your specific requirements; however to give you a starting point and help cater to your budget, I have created my Pricing Tiers:

My cakes are categorised in three Tiers'Classic', 'Elegant' and 'Luxury'.

Classic Tiers: 

Prices start with my Classic Tiers range. You may be searching for the timeless look of a simply beautifully iced cake, holding an intimate wedding and just need one or two tiers, or perhaps you are looking for just a little hand crafted detail to add that special something to your cake - if so, a 'Classic' cake may be for you.

As a guide for you a single tier sponge cake in this range serving approximately 20 guests would cost £55. A similar sized fruit cake would cost £70 and serve approximately 40 guests. A two tiered sponge cake serving approximately 35 people would cost £120 and a similar sized two tiered fruit cake serving approximately 60 people would cost £155.

Elegant Tiers:

An 'Elegant' cake may be the choice for you if you are looking for a three tiered cake, or you'd like some more hand crafted decoration to make your cake extra special.

As a guide for you a three tiered sponge cake in this range serving approximately 65 people would cost £200. A similar sized fruit cake serving approximately 130 guests would cost £240. 

Luxury Tiers:

If you want your cake to be a real centrepiece to your day, a 'Luxury' cake is for you. 'Luxury' cakes can be any number of tiers and include those bespoke, intricate hand crafted decorations that give your cake the 'wow' factor.

Prices for this range will vary depending upon the complexity of your chosen decorations and will be discussed prior to ordering.